Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More details about Server RC4W

(Link download for Server RC4W: here )

Server always is more complicated than Client. I tried to make the first start as simple as possible (quick start), but it still lacks of information, so if error occurs and users may give up, or even uninstall software.

This post will talk more about Server RC4W, maybe it will help you to fix errors.

  • Interface with client: Server through protocol TCP/IP through LAN/WLAN talks with client, retrieves command (play/next/search songs/...) from client.
  • Control Walaoke: Send hotkey to Walaoke to request play/next/stop/volume/... . Beside, Server can read list of songs that currently are playing.
  • Database Management: Search for song in database: search by title, artist, author or lyric. It may find original title or title without diacritics (vietnamese), pinyin (chinese), .....
MainWindow: window that observes server activities. This window can be opened by double-clicking the notify-icon in traybar or from context menu..
  • Local listening: ip of server, and port that server are listenings to.
  • Connected clients: list of all connected clients
  • Button "Disconnect" is to force a client to disconnect.
  • Status Window (maybe i put wrong name) shows log window
  • Settings - settings window.
  • Database manager - database manager window.
  • Shutdown server
  • Closing or minimizing this window only makes it to minimize to traybar (not to close). You should click shutdown server or exit in context menu to quit program.

Cửa sổ Settings
  • Walaoke execute: path to execution file of walaoke.
  • Pro version checkbox: program will check it after you select above field. You can change it (but not recommend). It tells Server RC4W which version of Walaoke to send hotkey correctly.
  • Network interface: Network ip of your computer. It maybe IPv4, IPv6, wlan or lan, but it must be the same network with your android phone.
  • Port: port that server will be listening to.
  • Show status window when program starts.
Cửa sổ Folder Management
Database manager: In order to search for songs quickly, by many critirials (title, artist, author, lyric), data is organized in db.mdb (Access database). This window is consisted of 2 tabs: Tab Folder management let you folders that contains karaoke media files and scan for them. Tab Database Utils allows you to tweak database. But in this post, i don't talk about this because it is not simple.
Tab Folder Management:
  • Add:
  • Remove:
  • Apply change: save the list of folders and scan
  • Discard change:
When button Apply change is clicked, program will scan all the folders and subfolders in the list. It will do all these steps:
  1. Search for all file MP3, KAR, MIDI, VOB, MKV, AVI, SWF, in short all formats which Walaoke can play (many).
  2. Beside, program will try to find additional information from files LRC (lyric); INF và XML (zing star); file importinfo.txt (specific format file of this program); to get artist, author name and lyric.
  3. Convert all additional information into "2nd form" (vietnamese without diacritics, pinyin, romanji) to serve searching purpose afterwards (file convert.cfg will be used for this operation).
  4. Check for duplications and import to database.
Details about format of additional information files; "2nd form" and convert.cfg; tab Database Utils will be described in other post.

Note that if there is no additional files, program will still import normally, using file names as title of songs.