Thursday, May 23, 2013

Server RC4W - other files

In earlier post you knew about the database, now this post will tell you about all file in this Server RC4W software:
  • Configuration file: Remote Controller For Walaoke.exe.config
  • Conversion helper file: Information about converting name from 1st form to 2nd form: convert.cfg. 1st form is original, 2nd form is for searching purpose.
  • File log.txt và scanlog.log

Configuration file

There is only item in this configuration file is used: path to db.mdb, file extentions that can be scanned. Changing other items has no meaning because this settings can only be set in setting windows when program run.

Path to db.mdb: 

You can change this to make program use other mdb file (at the bold text)
        <add name="RemoteControllerForWalaoke.Properties.Settings.dbConnectionString"
            connectionString="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\db.mdb"
            providerName="System.Data.OleDb" />

File extentions that can be scanned

You can add or remove file type that you want program to scan and import to database here. Remember to write each of them in UPPER CASE, separated by ";"
            <setting name="ImportExts" serializeAs="String">                <value>KAR;MIDI;MID;MP3;WAV;SWF;MKV;VOB;DAT;AVI;MPG;FLV;WMV;MP4;MOV;WEBM;</value>

File convert.cfg

File convert.cfg is used to change 1st form to 2nd form. Its structure as following:
Each line of this file has the following format: <Original character><TAB><Destination string>
<Original character> is Vietnamese, Chinese, or Japanese, ... characters
<TAB> is tab character (\t)
<Destination string> is string that will replace the <original character>
In Vietnamese this string is only one character. But in Chinese or Japanese, this string usually has more than one character.

File log.txt và scanlog.log

log.txt log the activities of program that shown in Log Window (in Main Window, click button "Status Window")
File scanlog.log log the activities when scanning and importing data about karaoke files to the database.


Normally, you don't need to know about this information. You will need this information only if you have to set up something more advanced, such as:
  • You want to sing chinese and search by pinyin.
  • You run a karaoke bar, you can use 1 server computer that keeps all music and database. Other sub-server installed Server RC4W will refer to shared folders and database in this server computer. Like this, everytime you update database, other sub-servers automatically get update.
  • ...

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