Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Remote controller for Walaoke is a set of client and server, intent to control Walaoke (a karaoke-player running on Windows)

Walaoke is a karaoke-player that can be found at www.walaoke.com.
Walaoke is a very good karaoke-player running on Windows. It can plays: kar, midi, mp3+lrc, mp3+xml, video karaoke (mkv, vob, avi, wmv, ...) and flash (swf). But it doesn't have a good database manager and remote controller, and doesn't have update since 2011. But it is still good.

I wrote this program so that Walaoke user can have better karaoke experience. This aim to make song-selection-process easier. Before, you need find your song in song book and select it by entering the Song Number using remote control. Now with this, you can search song by name, artist, author, and by lyric (a few words at begining of the song).

+ Search song by name, by artist, by author, by lyric
+ Control play, next song
+ See playing list

This program is still under development. I intent to add more features in the future.

If you love singing karaoke, this is the program for you.
If you own a karaoke bar, using this program may give your client a professional feeling about your bar.

+ Walaoke (pro or free): www.walaoke.com
+ Server: OS Windows, .NET framework 2.0
+ Client: Android phone 2.2 up




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  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Hi sir,

    I wonder how you made the "add first" and "add last" work. If its ok may i know the method you use? I was trying to make work using unified remote.

    Thank you in advance.