Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(English) New version 1.1.0 (15/7/2013)

New features in this version:

1)  Allow client to search for servers, and just click to connect.
Setting on PC:
+ Turn on "Clients can detect this server"
+ Input server name and server info

On client, it will be shown as follow:

Just click and connect

2) Modified the UI, added some dynamic effects (animation)
3) Added Volume control +/-/mute, button L/R to change audio channel (voice and beat maybe).
4) Added ability to modify the in-queue list (sort, delete): hold and drag the grey rectangle on the left to sort. Click the red thrash bin icon on the right to delete.

 Advanced information

1) Restart service button in the main windows (server)
This button is used to restart all network services (AutoDiscoveryService - service that let clients find server, TCP Server - main connection between client and server). Note that if you click this button, all connected connection will be disconnected.
If you change something related to network configuration, you can use this button to apply without restarting program.

2) Added this configuration(file Remote Controller For Walaoke.exe.config)
AutoDiscoveryPort: UDP port that is used to transmit the information about server for client. Client use this port to find servers. You can changed it here.
<setting name="AutoDiscoveryPort" serializeAs="String">

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