Sunday, October 20, 2013

New version 1.3.0 (19/10/2013) and how to use download feature

New version 1.3.0 added the following features:
+ Program can now download online song. Now direct link and youtube supported.
+ Added browse by genre, artist and author
+ Added wrap text for long song title in the songlist
+ Added settings show/unshow information about artist, author and lyric in songlist
+ ...

About the main feature of this update: download online song.

First you need a text file that contains information about the online songs. 
Here I made one from star zing (a karaoke site in Vietnam), one from youtube, and one from dropbox (sunfly karaoke)
Note: I don't intend to provide contents. These files are just examples (even so, it is big (~11000 songs)).

Step by step:

1) Download file above
2) Run RC4W server
3) In the main window, click "Database manager"
4) Select tab "Import links", like following:

 5) Click "Open links file", choose the text file you just downloaded
 6) Back to tab Import links, click "Choose destination folders" to select the folder where songs will be downloaded into.
7) Click "apply filename template" to name file (default is <title>-<singer>)
8) Click "Import to database" to import all this data into database

That is all. Now you can use client to search for songs and download them.

Beside, you can use window "Downloader" to download batch of songs instead of using client.

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